Health & Safety Prosecutions

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The specialist Health and Safety solicitors at DPP Law understand the intricacies Health and Safety law and the processes involved in an investigation.

Should you find yourself the subject of an investigation, you can rely on our team of specialists for expert Health and Safety legal advice, support and representation throughout your case.

We’ll help you to liaise with investigating officers and our solicitors specialising in Health and Safety will represent you should you be required to attend an interview under caution or a court hearing.

Health and Safety law is notorious for leaving business owners feeling somewhat restricted by its complexity and its precise requirements. However, a single mistake or oversight may result in your company becoming the subject of in depth Health and Safety investigations – the result of which may be prosecution.

All registered companies are subject to legislation passed under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and its directives must be properly observed. If you are concerned that your company may be facing Health and Safety investigations, it’s important that you contact solicitors specialising in Health and Safety as soon as possible.

You may be investigated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) if it is possible that your company is even partially responsible for:

  • A workplace or work-related fatality
  • A specified injury caused by work (from bone fractures to blindness, head injuries, organ damage, asphyxia and others)
  • Occupational disease
  • Incidents that suggest that Health and Safety regulations are not being correctly followed

As soon as any incident occurs that has the potential to be investigated by HSE, or if you become concerned that you may have been reported to the body for breaching regulations, it’s vital that you seek assistance from Health and Safety Solicitors as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who enforces Health and Safety law?

The HSE – or Health and Safety Executive – is the body responsible for Health and Safety law enforcement and the investigation of any potential breaches. You should seek the best possible Health and Safety legal advice as soon as you receive correspondence from them regarding an upcoming enquiry.

Who can be prosecuted for Health and Safety breaches?

While it is most common for a company or business owner to be prosecuted for a failure to adhere to Health and Safety regulations, managers, employees and other individuals may also be required to attend a court of law depending on the circumstances of the case and the nature of the breach.

What is the maximum penalty for breaching health and safety regulations?

Since March 2015, there has been no maximum fine for serious Health and Safety failures on the part of an individual or business – so the amount you may be required to pay is unlimited.

However, those found guilty in the Crown Court may face a prison sentence of up to two years – which is why it’s vital to seek out solicitors specialising in health and safety immediately if you are being investigated by the HSE.

The Health and Safety solicitors at DPP Law are highly experienced and will provide you with clear and effective advice and assistance throughout any investigation.

We’ll help you to build your defence and provide you with high quality representation should you be interviewed or prosecuted. Contact our expert Health and Safety solicitors today.

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