Blackmail and Extortion

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What Is Blackmail?

Blackmail is the act of demanding something, often money, from someone, and threatening to harm or expose them is they do not comply with these demands. It’s important to remember that the threat does not have to be illegal, or even true, for it to be considered blackmail.

An example of blackmail is the offender demanding £200 per month off the victim, or else they will expose a secret that the victim wishes to remain under wraps.

What Is Extortion?

Extortion is very similar to blackmail in the sense that the offender will demand something from the victim by threatening them with physical harm.

What Is Kidnap?

The definition of kidnapping is when an offender forces and detains another person against their will. The victim could have been lured to the destination by fraudulent means, been sedated or taken there by force and could have been held there for any amount of time.

Consent that’s obtained by force or fear is not considered to be ‘true’ consent. For example, if the offender says ‘come with me or I’ll harm your family’, and the victim goes with them, this does not count as a consensual act.

What Are Threats To Kill?

Threats to kill can be in the form of verbal, written or psychological communication and it does not matter if the person making the threats actually intends to kill the victim. This crime carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.

What You Should Do If You’ve Been Accused Of These Crimes

If you’ve been accused of any of the crimes mentioned above, it’s vital that you seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. Contact a member of our expert team for more information on your next steps.

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