Anti Social Behaviour Orders

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Terrorism Offences

These offences are small in number but create a large amount of adverse publicity. Due to the serious nature of the accusations, terrorism charges will often result in custodial sentences if the defendant is found guilty. By using DPP Law for your defence you will gain access to our specialist team of solicitors and solicitor advocates who have had years of experience in handling the most serious terrorism cases. This means that they can be relied on to examine the evidence and challenge it where possible to give you the best defence available.

Perverting The Course Of Justice

This covers a wide range of acts that interfere with the smooth functioning of the justice system. Therefore, the offences include intimidating a witness, intimidating a juror, disposing of evidence, telling untruths on the witness stand and making false accusations. All of these offences are treated as very serious acts by the courts because the courts require order and truthfulness to carry out their function. Therefore, the penalty for committing these offences is often a prison sentence, which means getting proper and experienced legal representation is essential to ensure that you get a fair result.

ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) Breaches

Breaching an ASBO can result in you being tried at a Magistrates’ or Crown Court depending on the seriousness, and the outcome of this may be a prison sentence. Proper legal advice and representation may help you avoid a custodial sentence by:

  • Verifying that the ASBO was actually breached
  • Examining and challenging the evidence via a defence
  • Minimising the severity of the sentence by providing relevant mitigation for the breach
  • Advising on the options you have if you wish to appeal a decision

If you have been or believe you may be arrested for breach of an ASBO call DPP Law on 0333 200 5859 for help now.

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