Human Rights Breaches

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Our human rights are precious and should be upheld under any circumstances – particularly by law enforcement officials. 

If you feel that your rights have been denied you at any point during an interaction with police officers, the specialist human rights solicitors at DPP Law can help you. We will take everything you say into account and work hard to build a powerful case that may help you to receive compensation. 

If you intend to claim damages as the result of a human rights breach, you will be successful only if the court finds it “necessary to afford just satisfaction”. The precise amount will depend on the circumstances of the breach. 

Many people are not aware of the full scope of their human rights and are therefore unable to instantly recognise human rights breaches when they experience them. The rights you have that are most relevant to your treatment by the police include:

  • The right to peaceful freedom of expression and protest
  • The right to liberty
  • The right to privacy

Examples of human rights violations include occasions during which an individual has:

  • Been arrested for peacefully and legally protesting
  • Experienced intrusion into their home
  • Been denied access to medical care, food or drink for an extended period when in custody

“Iain (Gould) is very straight to the point and gave honest advice in understandable terms, so we pursued a claim for Breach of Human rights. WE WON 26th June 2018. So no matter how trivial your complaint is about any police force please call Iain as this man knows his stuff and will get the justice you deserve.” – Previous DPP client Richard Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are human rights violations?

Actions that prevent a person from benefiting from any of the articles within the European Convention on Human Rights should be considered a human rights violation. If you have been the victim of a human rights breach, you should make contact with solicitors specialising in human rights immediately.

What counts as an abuse of human rights?

Abuse of human rights equates to anything that can be officially considered an infringement of the protocol laid down by the ECHR.

What is the Human Rights Act?

The current UK Human Rights Act came into force in the year 2000, and details all of the rights that it is considered every member of the human race should be party to – all of which are listed in the ECHR. 

The infringement of human rights is a serious matter, so you must take decisive action if you feel you have a claim. Always try to collect as much evidence as you can to help your human rights solicitors at DPP Law to build the best case possible. Remember, we’re not just a human rights law firm – we can also assist you with any other actions against the police you wish to take. 

As your legal representatives and advisors, DPP Law can offer you:

  • Trustworthy 24-hour specialist legal advice, counsel and support
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Clarity and transparency throughout

No one should be forced to forfeit their human rights. If you believe that yours are being breached, contact the specialist human rights solicitors at DPP Law as soon as you can to discuss the matter with us. We will work hard to ensure that you achieve justice. Get in touch here.

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