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Indecent Assault

Have you been accused or charged with indecent assault?

This serious crime will often include an appearance in court where evidence is examined in order to reach a verdict. DPP Law will ensure that we provide a strong defence if you feel you have been falsely accused of this sexual offence and aim to reach the most favourable outcome possible.

What is Indecent Assault?

This crime is defined as “offensive sexual contact” (Sexual Offences Act 1956) but does not include rape so is different from the crime of sexual assault. The following instances can be considered indecent assault:

  • Kissing someone without their consent
  • Stroking or grabbing of someone else’s body without their consent
  • Any other action that the accused has considered to be indecent and without their consent

If you have been falsely accused of indecent assault you must get legal advice as soon as possible in order to clear your name.

Our solicitors will be able to inform you of exactly what evidence is important in these cases and any details that will be vitally important for use during your trial.

How can DPP Law help?

Our solicitors can provide advice and support for those who are facing an indecent assault charge, as well as prepare them for an appearance in court.

If you feel you have been falsely accused, it is vital that you have a robust defence in place so that any accusations in court can be dealt with there and then. We have solicitors who are able to advise you on best practice in this delicate position and help you prepare for your trial.

If you require support or guidance for a charge of indecent assault, speak to our team of solicitors at DPP Law today.

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