Driving Ban Appeals

Being banned from driving can be an enormous inconvenience for many individuals. A ban may be ordered as a result of a number of criteria – for example, if a driver has accrued twelve points on their license within three years, they may be disqualified from driving for six months. If, after being allowed back behind the wheel, they receive another ban within the next three years, they are likely to be disqualified for twelve months. Finally, if during the next three years they receive another ban, they are liable to be disqualified from driving for two years. This is known as a “totting up” process.

However, a person may also be banned for a different vehicular offence, such as dangerous or careless driving, or operating a vehicle under the influence of drink or drugs. This type of behaviour is often met with a mandatory ban.

Individuals who have been disqualified from driving for more than 56 days will need to apply for a new driving license, and may also be required to retake their driving test, or even an extended version of the same to ensure that they are safe to return to the roads.

The court will give you the opportunity to plead “Exceptional Hardship” before your hearing, so if you believe that it is possible to argue that losing the right to drive would create problems for you that are beyond those which are normally suffered, you should advise officials and your legal adviser as soon as possible.

Why DPP Law?

If you are being prosecuted for driving offences and are concerned that you are due to be disqualified from driving, there are a number of things that can be done to either shorten the potential ban or have it overturned altogether. DPP Law are highly experienced in assisting individuals who are being threatened with a driving ban, so it is definitely advisable to contact our team as soon as possible if you are under investigation for a vehicular crime.

How We Can Help

DPP Law’s driving offence solicitors can help you to put together a case for Exceptional Hardship, or we may be able to find another means of reducing or preventing your disqualification from driving. Call us today for more information.

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