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No two family units are the same, and DPP Law understands that. Human relationships are rarely straightforward, but this does not mean that the rights of those involved should be neglected to any degree whatsoever.

Whether you wish to take legal action against a partner, ex-partner or relative, plan to form a complex familial legal arrangement, do not understand your current legal obligations or entitlements, or feel that you as a family unit are being discriminated against, you should know that there is always somewhere to turn.

Why DPP?

The team at DPP Law can look back over more than thirty years of successful practice within family law. Our specialist lawyers are available to help you make sense of anything you may have come up against – from issues involving proof of paternity to challenges relating to complicated relationship and marriage arrangements.

We will always be on hand to ensure that justice is done – whether for yourself, your natural or adopted children or other loved ones.

How Our Family Solicitors Can Help

DPP Law offers an initial legal consultation for absolutely free when you make contact, and will work tirelessly and sensitively to understand every element of your familial situation in order to ensure that justice will be served and that your rights as a family and as individuals are correctly adhered to at all times.

For further information, and to discover how DPP Law could help you to navigate your specific circumstances or represent you or your family in court, simply call our specialists today on 0333 200 5859. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you to see how we could best assist with your case.

Our family law solicitors can also help with:

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