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Domestic and family cases can be extremely distressing for everyone involved. At DPP Law, our dedicated team of family law solicitors are on hand to offer support, as well as professional legal advice and counsel when needed. We have decades of experience in handling sensitive cases like these, as well as being experts when it comes to dealing with social services.

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Whether you are dealing with an adoption, surrogacy, divorce or even a case of domestic abuse, you will need specialist advice from legal experts to help you decide what your next steps should be. Our expert solicitors can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and offer up initial support and guidance. This will help you decide how to legally pursue your case, especially if it is a particularly complex or sensitive issue.

What can you expect when dealing with a domestic dispute?

Issues that fall under family law can often be very complex and emotionally distressing, especially if the case has been going on for a lengthy period of time. A solicitor is often required to provide legal guidance and act as a mediator when it comes to divorce or separation cases where children are involved, as it can be very stressful on everyone having to change their lives in such a dramatic way.

We understand that family law cases can be very draining and can create massive changes in your personal life and career – that is why our legal professionals are there to support you and provide clarity on what should happen going forward.

How can DPP Law’s Family Law Solicitors help?

The trained solicitors at our firm have a great deal of experience with family law cases, which is why they are well-positioned to provide clear and useful advice to those having to deal with complex domestic disputes. They will be able to assist with a wide range of family law legal issues including:

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If you require advice and support over a family law case and aren’t sure where to turn, speak to our team of expert solicitors at DPP Law. We can organise a free consultation for you to attend that will provide a bit of clarity regarding your case.

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