Driving Without Due Care and Attention

If you have been accused of driving without due care and attention (or careless driving), it means that you were deemed to be driving inconsiderately and inconveniencing other road users.

It can take as little as changing the radio station for you to become distracted behind the wheel, endangering other road users and inconveniencing drivers, which has the potential to cause accidents.

Careless driving refers to anything from not concentrating on the road to driving excessively fast or driving erratically. Other examples of driving without due care and attention include:

● Lane hogging
● Tailgating
● Eating or drinking while driving
● Overtaking or undertaking dangerously
● Ignoring road signs or traffic lights

How can DPP Law’s driving offence solicitors help?

We can provide relevant advice to those who have been found to be driving carelessly, and prepare those who will have to attend court in order to be sentenced. We aim to ensure you achieve the most favourable outcome depending on the type of careless driving you have been charged with.

If you feel that your case is unwarranted or you disagree with the decision of the police, you can request a hearing. We can advise whether this is the best course of action and how you can prepare to appeal the charge that is set against you.

What is the penalty for driving without due care and attention?

The penalties can vary depending on the circumstances but range from a heavy fine to prison time if the crime was serious. The penalties include the following:

● A fixed penalty notice of £100 and a 3 point fine
● If you have endangered other drivers on the road you could face a court appearance, up to 9 points and a fine of up to £5,000
● If you have caused death by careless driving you can face up to 5 years in prison

Remember that if you have accumulated anything more than 6 points in your first two years of driving you could face an instant ban and you may need to retake your theory and practical driving tests.

If you have been accused of any of the above crimes, get in touch with DPP Law’s driving offence solicitors today for further advice.

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