Road Traffic Accidents

If you’re involved with a road traffic accident claim, let the highly-trained experts at DPP Law deal with all the legal issues surrounding road traffic accidents. Whether it is a rear-end claim, a hit and run accident or a whiplash claim. Our solicitors manage the entire process, from arranging your medical examination to achieving the best result to compensate for your injuries.

What to do after a road traffic accident

The best advice is to contact one of our expert personal injury claims solicitors as soon as possible after your accident.

We will guide you through the process, organising the medical assessment, filing your claim and managing all correspondence with insurance companies and defendants.

In some circumstances (for example, if you are making a compensation claim for a whiplash injury that is less than £5,000), you are expected to fill out an online claim form.

This can be complicated, and there’s a risk that filing errors could leave you out of pocket.

How Can I Claim After a Road Traffic Accident?

Contact DPP Law after your accident, and we will help you to fill out the compensation claim in the government’s online portal – ensuring that you are not missing out on legitimate financial compensation for your injuries.

At DPP Law, we make every effort to settle your claims quickly and with minimal intervention – but if your case does go to court, you can be sure of reliable and supportive representation from our expert personal injury solicitors.

DPP Law can support you through a variety of road traffic accident claims

DPP Law has significant experience in dealing with legal issues surrounding a variety of road traffic accidents, including:

Whiplash claims

You may be eligible to claim compensation to help pay medical fees and rehabilitation costs, as well as compensating you for any pain and suffering you have suffered as a result of your whiplash injury.

Car accident driver claims

Contact DPP Law for expert guidance and representation in any personal injury claims if you are the driver in a road accident.

Our solicitors will organise your claim and correspond with the motor insurance companies involved – often resulting in a more beneficial outcome for you.

Our personal injury solicitors also provide legal advice and representation for drivers facing compensation claims from road traffic accident victims.

Car accident passenger claims

If you were a passenger in a Road Traffic Accident, our solicitors will advise on your eligibility for a compensation claim – for example, if you were not wearing a seatbelt, or were in a car whose driver was at fault for the accident.

Motorcycle accident claims

DPP Law has longstanding experience in representing motorcycle riders in personal injury claims – cases which can often be complex, due to the vulnerability of the rider and counter-claims around motorbikers’ road use.

Pedestrian accidents claims

Many people assume that because they don’t have insurance as pedestrians, compensation claims will be harder to make. DPP Law ensures that you get the compensation you deserve in any Road Traffic Accident that involves injury to a pedestrian.

Cycle accidents claims

Our expert personal injury solicitors will ensure that you are fairly compensated for any injury or damage sustained in a collision on the road.

Get support with your road traffic accident claim today

Whether you are seeking advice in making a claim, facing a compensation claim yourself, or you have had your claim rejected, our solicitors are highly experienced in handling all areas of personal injury compensation claims.

For reliable, expert legal support in making a claim after a road traffic accident, contact DPP Law.

Our solicitors also advise individuals on:

Frequently Asked Questions About Road Traffic Accident Claims

Do You Have To Report A Road Traffic Accident?

Yes – you must report any Road Traffic Accident to the police within 24 hours of the accident. It’s a good idea to make notes about the accident as soon as you can, as this can help support your claim.

How Can I Make A Claim For A Road Accident?

Any personal injury claim after a road traffic accident can be made on the government’s claim portal. For the vast majority of compensation claims over £5,000, you will usually need to follow a different claims procedure. It is always advisable to contact a personal injury solicitor to discuss your options before you fill out the online form or correspond with insurance companies, as you may be eligible for higher compensation than you initially assume.

How Long After A Road Traffic Accident Can You Claim?

You must make a compensation claim within three years of the accident.

What Is The Road Traffic Accidents Claims Process?

You are advised to speak to an expert Road Traffic Accident compensation solicitor after any road traffic accident to ensure that you are getting the compensation that you deserve. In many cases, it will be straightforward to fill out the online form, but for more complex cases, for higher compensation claims, if your claim has been rejected or if you are at fault, contact DPP Law to discuss your case here.

How Much Compensation Do You Get for Whiplash?

For any Road Traffic Accident whiplash claim under £5,000, the compensation amounts are fixed and based around the time taken to recover from the injury.

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