Whiplash Claims

Whiplash Injury Claims

DPP Law provides expert legal support in settling compensation claims for whiplash injuries. We’ll provide you with the best possible legal representation and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Compensation for Whiplash Injury

The law has changed around whiplash injury compensation – since May 2021, victims of a whiplash injury claiming compensation of no more than £5,000 must use the new online portal to make their claim. You must now provide your own evidence and potentially pay for a medical report to support your claim.

Not sure whether you are eligible for compensation? Looking for advice about a severe whiplash injury, or an incident that has left you out of pocket? Hoping to challenge a rejection of your claim? Contact the expert injury claim solicitors at DPP Law here for advice and representation in your whiplash or personal injury claim.

How do you claim for whiplash injury?

If your injury and its subsequent treatment and expenses (including physiotherapy and out of pocket expenses) amounts to no more than £5,000, then you must use the government’s online portal to make your claim.

You must have medical evidence to demonstrate the extent of your whiplash injury and supply any other evidence to prove that the other driver was at fault before using the portal.

At DPP Law, our expert personal injury solicitors can provide support in filling out your claim on the online portal and manage your claim to achieve an excellent settlement for you.

What is the Whiplash Reform Programme?

The Civil Liabilities Act was introduced on 31 May 2021, partly to crack down on the number of false claims for personal injury compensation.

Compensation amounts for whiplash injuries are now based on the length of time you suffer from your injuries (see the table below).

All road traffic accident (RTA) claims worth no more than £5,000 will go through the portal.

At DPP Law, we provide support in filling out your online claim form, ensuring that you file the correct evidence and guiding you through the process.

The new rules do, however, allow compensation to be increased by up to 20 per cent in ‘exceptional circumstances’. If this is the case, a court will decide whether to offer a higher compensation amount – for example, if the injury is ‘exceptionally severe’, or where the person’s circumstances increase the pain, suffering or loss of amenity.

If you think this applies to you, get in touch with a specialist personal injury solicitor to advise you – ideally before you start your claim or correspond with any insurance companies.

Duration Of InjuryLower Tariff (without psychological injuries)Upper Tariff (with psychological injuries)
Not more than 3 months£240£520
More than 3 months but not more than 6 months£495£895
More than 6 months but not more than 9 months£840£1,390
More than 9 months but not more than 12 months£1,320£1,390
More than 12 months but not more than 15 months£2,040£2,125
More than 15 months but not more than 18 months£3,005£3,100
More than 18 months but not more than 24 months£4,215

You may be able to claim additional compensation for:

  • complex injuries that are particularly debilitating
  • injuries that are not limited to your neck, back or shoulder
  • injuries that last longer than two years
  • higher out-of-pocket expenses

Why Choose DPP Law For Your Whiplash Injury Claims?

DPP Law is a highly respected law firm, with a team of expert solicitors dealing in personal injury claims, as well as providing a wide range of legal defence services across the board.

If you are making a claim for a whiplash injury above the £5,000 threshold, you are strongly advised to speak with a solicitor before accepting any compensation offer from an insurance company. DPP Law will advise you if the amount you are offered is equal to that which you’re legally entitled, and then help make your claim with the best chance of a successful outcome.

For more information about making a whiplash claim, contact DPP Law here.

Whiplash – Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Whiplash Claim Be Refused?

Yes – a whiplash claim can be refused if your evidence is not sufficient to prove the extent of your injury / out of pocket expenses / psychological trauma etc. It can also be refused if the insurer for the driver plausibly denies responsibility. At DPP Law, we will ensure that your claim is fully evidenced and will challenge a decision to reject your claim where appropriate.

Can I Claim for Whiplash If It Was My Fault?

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to successfully claim compensation for an injury that is your fault. If you were partly at fault, however, you may be able to make a claim. A personal injury solicitor will be able to advise you on your eligibility in such a circumstance.

Can I Claim For Mild Whiplash?

Yes – the claims are made based on the length of time that the symptoms last, not the severity. However, a medical assessment will ascertain if your symptoms are too mild as to constitute ‘whiplash’.

How Long Does The Whiplash Claim Process Take?

The time taken to process a whiplash claim depends on a number of factors, including whether the driver admits responsibility, the extent of your injuries and how long your symptoms last.

If the insurer of the driver you believe was at fault for the accident admits responsibility and your symptoms only last a few weeks, the process will be finalised quickly.

However, if the insurer of the driver doesn’t admit fault and after several attempts to negotiate, your claim may end up having to go to court for a judge to decide.

Your symptoms may also last longer than expected, in which case, further medical evidence may be required. In these situations, your claim will obviously take longer.

What Is The Amount Of Compensation You Can Claim For A Whiplash Injury?

The flat rates for compensation claims under £5,000 are detailed in the chart above.

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