Death by Dangerous Driving

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A conviction for a serious driving offence covers a wide range of areas, including causing death by dangerous driving. Other dangerous driving accusations can cover driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, careless driving and even causing death by dangerous driving. If you have been convicted of a serious driving offence, our specialist solicitors can help you protect your license and avoid a driving ban or a prison sentence; so make a call today to 0333 200 5859.

Have you been accused of death by dangerous driving?

What does death by dangerous driving mean? A person who is charged with a death by dangerous driving conviction will have caused the death of another person by driving a vehicle dangerously or carelessly on the road or in another public place.

Death by dangerous driving cases can be complicated and need to be managed and represented by a solicitor with experience in the field in order to receive the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

If you have been accused of this crime – you’ll need representation from a motoring law solicitor, and DPP Law can provide exactly that for your case. Death by dangerous driving cases need to be managed extremely sensitively, professionally and with all parties involved – we know how important this is, and we do it well.  

What to expect if you’ve been accused of another serious driving offence

And if you have been convicted of a lesser, but still a serious driving offence, the punishments and penalties can be severe too.

Serious driving offences can include, but are not restricted to:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (drink driving)
  • Driving whilst using a mobile phone
  • Careless driving, which can include improper overtaking, not concentrating and tailgating

How DPP can help in your serious driving offence case

Serious driving offence punishments, especially causing death by dangerous driving and drink driving, can have a direct effect on your livelihood and your representation. So, to ensure that your case has the best possible outcome, contact DPP solicitors today.

Our solicitors have represented a large number of serious driving offence cases over the years and will manage each case with diligence to help alleviate your sentence.

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