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Finding a Solicitor who is an expert in their field, but also remains approachable throughout the entire legal process can be a challenge. At DPP Law, we treat our clients as individuals to help to provide the best legal solution.

Our knowledgeable team of Solicitors and Para-Legal support staff are dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for every person that comes through our doors. We have offices located throughout England in Bootle, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Bradford, and Chadwell Heath, whose staff are ready and waiting to receive your enquiry.

Can the Police Search My House Without a Warrant? – DPP Law

Can The Police Search My House Without A Warrant? It happens in almost every crime drama: a person being investigated for an offence refuses to allow the police entry to their property without a warrant. So is this how it works in real life? Are there any circumstances under which a warrant is not necessary […]

How Many Points Can You Get on Your license for Drink Driving?

DPP Law: How Many Points Can You Get on Your license for Drink Driving? We all understand that driving under the influence of alcohol can have serious consequences. It can result in damage and destruction of property, injury and even death. But what are the legal repercussions of breaking the law in this way? Can […]

What Is the Penalty for Making False Rape Accusations?

False allegations of sexual assault or rape are very rare, with only between two and ten percent of accusations made over the last twenty years being found to be fake.

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