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Finding a Solicitor who is an expert in their field, but also remains approachable throughout the entire legal process can be a challenge. At DPP Law, we treat our clients as individuals to help to provide the best legal solution.

Our knowledgeable team of Solicitors and Para-Legal support staff are dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for every person that comes through our doors. We have offices located throughout England in Bootle, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Bradford, and Chadwell Heath, whose staff are ready and waiting to receive your enquiry.

20 years of the ASBO – a retrospective on infamous cases, statistics, effectiveness

This year, the ASBO turned twenty years old. This particular form of crime fighting power – designed to crack down on behaviour that negatively affects local communities and causes harm or upset to particular groups or individuals – has taken on a new form in recent years, having now been split into a number of […]

Can I Sue the Police for Emotional Distress?

Often, brushes with the police can prove very personally affecting. After all, officers are there to ensure that the law is obeyed and that anyone who breaks it is properly investigated and suitably brought to justice. So, whether you fall under the category of victim, suspect or witness – or you are a family member […]

What Are The Laws Around Stop and Search in the UK?

Stop and search is a technique regularly employed by law enforcement officials around the world to help in the prevention of crime and the capture of criminals. It has proved a highly effective method in many cases, and shows no sign of being withdrawn as a police tactic. In fact, there have been calls for […]

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