Criminal Defence Solicitors in Liverpool

At DPP Law, our criminal defence solicitors are experts in a range of legal services such as criminal defence, family law, financial crime, sexual offences and actions against the police. Our dedicated legal teams have years of experience in successfully defending our clients against many different kinds of criminal charges. At DPP Law, we treat our clients as individuals, providing bespoke and targeted legal solutions to each case.

Our knowledgeable team of solicitors and paralegal support nationwide are dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for every person that comes through our doors. We have offices locations throughout the UK, in Liverpool, Bootle, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford, and Chadwell Heath, whose staff are ready and waiting to receive your enquiry.

Sexual Offences
Sexual Assault Sentencing Guidelines

Sexual assault is a serious allegation, so much so that the sentence for sexual assault can be incredibly harsh, leading to a sexual assault prison sentence in the UK to be much longer, especially if you’re facing the courts without a strong defence team. DPP Law’s team of experts can guide you throughout the process, […]

Sexual Offences
Accused of Possessing Indecent Images – What To Do

DPP Law’s team of professionals have many years of supporting and guiding individuals who have been accused of possessing indecent images. It can be an incredibly distressing time for anyone facing such a serious accusation, as it is seen as a serious offence in the courts. To help ease your anxiety, it’s important to know […]

Drugs Offences
What Is The Sentence For The Importation Of Drugs?

The importation of drugs and the importation of controlled drugs are viewed as serious crimes which can often lead to harsh sentences. In fact, the importation of drug sentencing guidelines means that those found guilty face very long prison sentences and unlimited fines. Drug offences in the UK are rarely taken lightly, but the importation […]

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