Criminal Defence Solicitors in Liverpool

At DPP Law, our criminal defence solicitors are experts in a range of legal services such as criminal defence, family law, financial crime, sexual offences and actions against the police. Our dedicated legal teams have years of experience in successfully defending our clients against many different kinds of criminal charges. At DPP Law, we treat our clients as individuals, providing bespoke and targeted legal solutions to each case.

Our knowledgeable team of solicitors and paralegal support nationwide are dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for every person that comes through our doors. We have offices locations throughout the UK, in Liverpool, Bootle, London, Birmingham, and Chadwell Heath, whose staff are ready and waiting to receive your enquiry.

Domestic Abuse
Accused Of Coercive Control? Everything You Need To Know

Coercive control and controlling behaviour are both crimes that can be committed, sometimes even without the knowledge of the accused. Facing an accusation of coercive control or controlling behaviour is incredibly distressing and it can be incredibly stressful to find the right information from the right people to guide you through the process. Our team […]

Sexual Offences
Cyberflashing: An Introduction & Sentencing Guidelines

Cyberflashing has become a term that is being used more and more as the internet takes over nearly all of our communication. But what is cyberflashing and what type of cyberflashing law the UK has developed to protect online users and appropriately punish those who have sent an unsolicited sexual image? The expert team at […]

Actions Against Police
What is Police Misconduct & Police Brutality?

Unfortunately, police brutality is becoming far more prevalent and a lot of cases actually go unnoticed under the pretence that individuals simply don’t know when their rights have been breached. The Actions Against the Police Solicitors at DPP Law, while hoping that you are never the product of a police brutality case, we do think […]

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