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DPP Law are Solicitors in Liverpool with over three decades of experience and have a wide range of legal services including but not limited to: criminal defence, family law, serious fraud, sexual offences and actions against the police.

Our dedicated legal teams have years of experience in successfully defending our clients against many criminal charges. We treat our clients individually, providing bespoke and targeted legal solutions to each case.

Our knowledgeable team of solicitors and paralegal support nationwide are dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for everyone who enters our doors.

We have offices throughout the UK, in Liverpool, Bootle, London, and Birmingham, whose staff are ready and waiting to receive your enquiry.

The Criminalisation of Sexually Explicit Deepfake Images

The Criminalisation of Sexually Explicit Deepfake Images The digital alteration and manipulation of video, also known as deepfaking, has become more and more sophisticated and convincing in recent years. A report by Deeptrace into the phenomenon – dating back to 2019 – was able to locate 14,678 deepfake videos online; 96% of which were pornographic. […]

How to Respond to Non-Contact Sexual Crime Allegations in the Workplace

If you’ve been falsely accused of non-contact sexual crimes at work, that accusation will almost invariably be investigated by your organisation’s Human Resources department – and possibly other bodies, depending on the progress of the complaint and the seriousness of the alleged offence. All workplaces in the UK are required to have robust procedures in […]

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Can You Legally Carry A Knife?

Knife crime has been an issue of significant concern and legislation across the UK for decades. With authorities across the country constantly cracking down on the possession of knives and bladed articles, there is the potential for a lack of clarity regarding situations in which it is legal to carry a knife – if, indeed, […]

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