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The expert solicitors at DPP Law offer terrorism legal services that serve to support those suspected of breaching the Terrorism Act. Our terrorism solicitors will look through all of your relevant correspondence, internet search records and records of your activities to help you prove your innocence.

Because the law implements tight restrictions on individuals suspected of having terrorist or extremist connections, our terrorism law solicitors will also fight for your ability to retain your rights while under investigation.

We’ll help you to build a strong defence and represent you in court to either ensure that the charges against you are dropped or that any punishment for terrorism that you are facing can be commuted to something lesser.

Currently, allegations of offences motivated by extremism are taken extremely seriously, to the extent that those suspected of terrorism are subject to numerous procedural exceptions.

For example, under the Terrorism Act 2000, police are automatically permitted to hold a suspect for up to 14 days without charge, while those who have been taken into custody for any other offence must be released after 96 hours after all possible extensions have been used.

As this is an offence that is very much in the public interest, the maximum penalty for terrorism is also severe, and anyone facing charges of this kind should make contact with terrorism law solicitors as soon as they are aware they are a suspect.

Individuals accused of terrorism-related offences may be suspected of:

  • Viewing terrorist or extremist material online
  • Making or sharing material that incites hatred
  • Religiously or racially motivated violence
  • Hate speech
  • Seriously interfering with or seriously disrupting an electronic or communication system
  • Committing any offence that has political, religious racial and/or ideological motivations

Our terrorism solicitors understand that an individual does not need to have extremist views in order to access extremist materials – in many cases, this is done for purposes of research or innocent interest. The terrorism legal services we provide will help to clarify your motives in becoming involved with certain groups, sharing particular information or undertaking the actions in question.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are defined as terrorist activities?

Almost any allegedly illegal action may result in the perpetrator facing punishment for terrorism if it is believed that it was undertaken with political, religious racial and/or ideological motivations.

From physical violence to simply clicking on a link, there are a number of activities that may implicate an individual in terrorist behaviour – which is why making contact with terrorism law solicitors is vital as soon as you begin to suspect that you have been reported for offences of this kind.

What are the types of terrorism charges?

It is possible for a person to face the maximum penalty for terrorism as the result of many different activities. In a UK court, a suspected terrorist may be charged with:

  • The collection of terrorist information
  • Eliciting, communicating or publishing information that is likely to be useful to a terrorist about a member of the armed forces, police or intelligence services
  • Encouragement of terrorism
  • Dissemination of terrorist publications
  • Possession of an article involved in terrorism
  • Providing, receiving or inviting another to receive instruction or training in the making or use of firearms, radioactive material or weapons designed or adapted for the discharge of any radioactive material, explosives or chemical, biological or nuclear weapons
  • Directing the activities of an organisation which is concerned in the commission of acts of terrorism

It is vital to make contact with terrorism solicitors if at any point you are accused of or investigated for any of the above offences.

What are the maximum sentences for terrorism?

The maximum penalty for terrorism is life imprisonment.

Because of the severity of any potential penalties related to terrorism, you should get in touch with the terrorism law solicitors at DPP Law as soon as you learn of any counter-terrorism investigation into your activities. To find out more about how our terrorism solicitors can assist you, contact us today.

Our criminal defence solicitors can defend you if you have been accused of any of the below criminal offences:

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