Police Station Interviews

Military personnel who are arrested by the service police and are put through a police interview are in a precarious situation. Having an idea of what to expect can help you to handle the situation, but military police interviews can really damage a military career – legal advice offers you the best chance of avoiding military court.

Police station interviews as a military member

Having this legal advice at hand can ensure that any police officer interview questions don’t take you off guard and make the interview process smoother.

If you are accused of a military offence and you are arrested by Service Police, you are entitled to the same rights as you would be if you were arrested by civilian police. This includes the right to have a solicitor present at your interview.

Service police investigations can take a considerable amount of time, with answering questions and interview processes determining if you’ve committed a crime or have been wrongly accused. You may even find that you are interviewed by multiple police officers, multiple times.

Of course, the police department will not necessarily make those conclusions, but your answers to the questions can decide if you’ll end up in front of the military court in an army criminal investigation.

How DPP Law Can Help?

Requesting a solicitor be present during a military police interview isn’t an admission of guilt, and due to the complexity of military law, it’s highly recommended to seek legal advice and a law firm.

The military solicitors at DPP Law have more than 30 years’ worth of experience in successfully defending clients accused of offences in a variety of specialist areas.

So, if you find yourself facing police officer interview questions, DPP Law’s expertise in the military justice system is key if you want to have decades of expertise guiding you.

DPP Law Can Advise On Military Law Cases Such As:

Alongside this, our solicitors advise Individuals on:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Police Interview?

A police interview is a process in which officers obtain evidence and information by asking questions, and a summary is used within the prosecution case.

What To Expect In a Police Interview

Police officers will ask you questions to determine the facts surrounding the issue at hand. You can have your solicitor present upon your request.

What Questions Are Asked In a Police Interview?

This will depend on the reason as to why you’re needed to answer questions. A variety of questions will be asked, including closed and open questions, along with fact determining questions, such as your whereabouts as to when the crime allegedly took place.

What Does a Voluntary Police Interview Mean?

If you volunteer to interview with the police, you can leave at any time once the interview has begun – but it is still a formal process and your answers can be used in court.

What Happens After a Voluntary Police Interview?

The police officers will make a summary of the information, and will either continue to make enquiries or report you for summons.

How Long Does a Police Interview Take?

This can depend on the alleged offense and your answers to the questions – however on average, police interviews can take 30 to 90 minutes.

Can I Record a Police Interview?

All interviews are recorded by the police automatically, however you do have the right to record it yourself too.

Can I Refuse a Police Interview?

You have the right to refuse a police interview, however that can lead to your arrest, meaning that the police can then interview you.

How Do I Prepare For a Police Interview?

Having a solicitor present to provide you with legal advice and guidance is key in your preparation. Police interviews can be emotionally taxing and an intense process to undertake, so relying on your legal aid to help you prepare is highly recommended.


Whether the case is more complex or serious, military police interviews can be incredibly stressful and you will benefit massively from the input of a military law expert.

So be prepared for what’s to come and stay aware of your rights in the room and get in touch with DPP Law’s expert military solicitors to make the process smoother.

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