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If you are contacted by social services, there is rarely any need for alarm. However, it may be worth your while to record any information relating to your interactions with social workers and any processes or procedures that are put in place.

If anything seems unfair or amiss at any point, your legal advisers should be on hand to help you make sense of it, and to insist on a change of approach or decision should you feel that this is necessary.

Why DPP Law

The involvement of social services in your family life can be extremely stressful, causing parents or guardians to feel under increasing pressure to prove that they are performing to the best of their abilities when it comes to the care of their children.

With DPP Law at your side, however, there should be no need to worry. Our specialist lawyers will ensure that all action that is taken is fair to yourself and your family, and will fight your corner if you consider that this has not been the case at any point.

How Our Social Services Solicitors can help?

If you are due to be investigated under a Section 47 enquiry that has resulted from an expression of concern about the welfare of a child in your care, we can assist you through interviews and hearings to ensure that your case is heard fairly and that the feelings of the children involved are properly taken into account.

We will also represent you at Child Protection Conferences and review meetings and, if it comes to the drawing up of a Child Protection Plan, we will help you to push for an arrangement that works towards safe and fair results for yourself and any young people you care for.

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