Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card fraud is classed as serious fraud, so if you’ve been accused of credit card fraud it’s important to consider your next steps very carefully.

A credit card fraud accusation, whether it be made by the credit card company or a friend or relative, can be a very distressing time for the accused. However, it’s important to keep a level head.

Our dedicated team of credit card fraud solicitors have years of experience in dealing with these types of cases, and their experience and expertise is vital for bringing clients to justice.

What is credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is the act of fraudulently using a credit or debit card to access funds to buy goods or services. This type of fraud ranges in scale, and there are many different variations.

The two main types of credit card fraud are:

Internet fraud

The rise of online shopping has brought with it a whole new opportunity for credit card fraud. In fact, it is perfectly normal to place an order online with just the information that’s printed on the card itself.

This makes it very easy for fraudsters to steal cards and pay for goods online before the owner has chance to cancel the card.

Internet credit card fraud can be anything from a teenager using her Mum’s card online without permission, to a criminal gang setting up a false merchant site to obtain the card details of their ‘customers’.

Skimming or cloning

Skimming, or cloning as it is also known, is where a fraudster duplicates the information on the card’s magnetic strip by swiping it through a PIN Entry Device (PED).

Sometimes, the PED is concealed, but other times fraudsters have been known to swipe the card in the PED right in front of unsuspecting victims, who think they are just paying for an item.

Once the information has been obtained, a cloned card will be created.

How to avoid becoming a victim of credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is not uncommon, so it is important to do everything you can to minimise the chances of it happening to you. Some ways that you can keep your cards and bank details safe include:

  • Memorise your PIN instead of writing it down. If you absolutely must make a note of it, hide it in a group of numbers like this: 7896435689, and just memorise the number it starts with.
  • Try not to let your card out of your sight when making a transaction.
  • When shopping online, remember that if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Sign any new cards as soon as they arrive.
  • Remember: your bank will never phone you and ask you to disclose your pin.
  • Always shred any old bank statements or letters from your bank that have your details on them.

What to do if you’ve been accused of credit card fraud

If you’ve been accused of credit card fraud, even if you’re not guilty, it’s vital you seek legal advice and counsel as soon as possible.

Here at DPP Law, our expert team are experts when it comes to credit card fraud cases.

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