Corporate Manslaughter

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The specialist corporate manslaughter solicitors at DPP Law have a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in any investigation, and will help you to communicate effectively with both the police and the Health and Safety Executive throughout.

While the HSE are able to legally enter your place or work and make particular demands of all senior managers and health and safety officers, DPP Law know your rights and will ensure that they are upheld.

Should you find yourself in court facing corporate manslaughter penalties, we’ll provide strong representation in order to ensure your case reaches a satisfactory conclusion, with either charges dropped or harsh sentences commuted. Finally, we’ll strive to prevent any undue tarnishing of your company’s reputation throughout proceedings.

Your company is responsible for the health and wellbeing of every individual it contracts to undertake work – so the accusation that you may be in some way responsible for the death of one or more of those individuals is naturally an extremely serious matter.

Corporate Manslaughter Sentencing Guidelines

Corporate manslaughter penalties are handed down relatively rarely, but corporate manslaughter sentencing guidelines are particularly harsh due to the nature of the alleged offences involved.

Should you discover that your company is being investigated, you should seek corporate manslaughter representation as soon as possible.

Under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, you may face corporate manslaughter penalties if you are accused of:

Should you be accused of any of the above offences in connection with a workplace or work-related incident that resulted in loss of life, you should seek out corporate manslaughter representation as a matter of urgency.

Managers, owners or health and safety officers within your company may also be accused of gross negligence manslaughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sentence for corporate manslaughter?

Corporate manslaughter sentencing guidelines state that there is no maximum financial penalty for this offence. The decision is based on the size and financial status of the company in question, and starting fines begin at £300,000.

Managers and other culpable individuals may face prison sentences of up to 18 years, so seeking the services of corporate manslaughter solicitors can prove exceptionally beneficial both for companies as whole entities or individuals under investigation.

Who does the Corporate Manslaughter Act apply to?

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 mainly applies to any business that risks failing in its duty of care of its employees or contractors to the point where lives are at risk, but individuals may also be tried for offences such as manslaughter and gross negligence in connection with company failings that breach the legislation of the act.

Who investigates corporate manslaughter?

A3: Both the police and the Health and Safety Executive are responsible for corporate manslaughter enquiries, and joint investigations headed by these two organisations can prove exceptionally difficult to navigate effectively alone.

Corporate manslaughter investigation solicitors specialize in communicating with both of these bodies, and can help to make the process easier for all involved.

Contact our specialist corporate manslaughter investigation solicitors today for peace of mind and assurance that any investigation into your business will be expertly managed.

We will work hard with you to ensure that the outcome of any enquiry or prosecution is as fair and positive as is possible. Get in touch with DPP Law’s corporate manslaughter solicitors today.

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