Possession of Indecent Images

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The possession of indecent images refers to the act of keeping pictures or photographs of a criminally salacious nature in your property, on your person or on an electronic device that has been made without the consent of the subject.

Pictures that fall into the category of “indecent images” do not necessarily need to be taken directly from life to be considered as such; they may even consist of pseudo-photographs of children or adults. These are pictures that are created by manipulating or photoshopping images.

If allegations have been made that have seen you either accused of possessing indecent images or accused of downloading indecent images, the expert solicitors at DPP Law can help.

If you are able to provide physical evidence that will go towards proving your innocence in court and showing that – for example – the images in question are not yours, or that they have been purposefully planted, a strong defence will be easy to prepare for you.

Depending on the nature of the crime, possession of indecent images sentencing guidelines state that a person found guilty could receive anything from a community order to six years in prison.

Under the umbrella of indecent images, you may be accused of:

  • Possession of indecent images
  • Distribution of indecent images
  • Making indecent images
  • Possession of, distribution of, or making Category A images, Category B images or Category C images.

We know that being falsely accused of a crime of this nature can have devastating effects on an individual’s personal and professional life, so it’s vital that anyone who finds themselves in this position seeks legal help to build a defence for possession of indecent images immediately.

What are category A indecent images?

Category A images carry the most severe penalties and depict the material’s subject or subjects involved in penetrative sexual activity or sexual activity with animals, or as the subject of sadism.

What are category B indecent images?

This is the second highest category in terms of the serious nature of the images in question. It covers any pictures involving non-penetrative sexual activity.

What are category C indecent images?

Category C indecent images cover “erotic posing” or images of the subject with their body exposed where it appears that the creator of the picture has focused on sexual organs.

What is the sentence for downloading indecent images?

The minimum sentence for the possession of indecent images is a high-level community order for a case involving Category C images. For Category B images, sentences start at 26 weeks’ custody, and for Category A, 1 year’s custody. For distribution, a person could be sentenced for more than 3 years in jail and, for production, more than 6 years.

When you choose DPP Law for legal assistance and representation, you will be assured:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality at all times
  • A comprehensive check of forensics and evidence records
  • Sensitive expert advice – first consultation FREE

If you’ve been accused of downloading indecent images, DPP Law can help you. Get in touch with our sexual offence solicitors today as a matter of urgency. We can help you prepare a powerful defence in order to clear your name.

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