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The division of a family following a divorce, separation or breakup can lead to a stressful and emotional experience for everyone connected with the matter, particularly when there are children involved. Our Child Contact Solicitors will help you get the best possible outcome for your child.

Why DPP Law?

We at DPP Law understand the importance of ensuring fair child contact for all parties and work sensitively and proactively to achieve this goal – consulting closely with parents and guardians throughout the process and responding effectively and positively to all wishes and requests. With more than thirty years’ worth of experience behind us, we are the legal advisors you can trust.

How We Can Help

DPP Law child contact solicitors employ specialist family mediators who are highly experienced in delivering results without the need for expensive and stressful court involvement. They can assist in communications between you and an ex-partner, helping to avoid upsetting conflict and working to achieve an outcome that everyone will be happy with. We never forget that children are at the centre of these matters, and never miss an opportunity to allow their voices to be heard and considered without any unnecessary disruption to their lives.

If an ex-partner has unlawfully restricted or denied your access to your children, our lawyers can represent you in a court of law to ensure that these actions do not continue and that your rights are successfully upheld on an ongoing basis.

We also regularly assist in family support matters involving parents who have been incarcerated, and our experts will always fight to ensure that all issues surrounding visitation and child contact within these circumstances are fair to everyone involved. We also take into account any Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders, ensuring that any decision that is made adheres precisely to the law.

To ensure a stress-free and fair child contact arrangement, contact DPP Law today.

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