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Indecent exposure refers to the act of purposefully displaying or revealing one’s genitals, or sexually pleasuring oneself, in a public place or in view of one or more members of the general public. The offence is sometimes informally referred to as “flashing”. 

If you have been accused of indecent exposure, DPP Law’s sexual offence solicitors can help you. The examination of CCTV, camera or mobile phone footage will prove extremely helpful to us as evidence that will support your indecent exposure defence and may go towards clearing your name. 

In terms of an indecent exposure sentence, you are more likely to be fined or served with a community order than to be taken into custody if found guilty, but you may also be required to sign the sex offenders register – plus, your reputation may be irreparably damaged and you may struggle to find employment afterwards, so getting in touch with our specialists should be your priority. 

Accusations of this kind may include:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Public masturbation
  • Outraging public decency
  • Urination in public

DPP Law’s specialist sexual harassment solicitors are experienced in handling cases wherein an individual has charged with indecent exposure. If you have suitable evidence, we may be able to help you prove that:

  • Any incidents of self-exposure were accidental, or
  • That a mistake had been made by any witnesses who claim to have seen something untoward.

What is considered indecent exposure?

An act can be labelled indecent exposure if a person has purposefully exposed their genitalia with the intention of them being seen and causing alarm and distress, either for a particular intended victim or members of the general public.

What is the penalty for indecent exposure?

While fines and community orders are the most common penalties for this act, repeat offenders may find themselves jailed for up to two years. To avoid this, get in touch with specialist sexual offence or indecent exposure solicitors immediately.

Does indecent exposure go on your record?

If a person is found guilty of indecent exposure, they may be required to sign the Sex Offenders Register for five years. They may also receive a criminal record. These decisions are made at the court’s discretion.

Is it illegal to urinate in public in the UK?

Yes – public urination was made a criminal offence under the 1986 Public Order Act, and you may be fined for it.

When you choose DPP Law for legal assistance and representation, you will be assured:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality at all times
  • A comprehensive check of forensics and evidence records
  • Sensitive expert advice – first consultation FREE

It’s extremely important that you acquire quality legal representation if you believe you are being falsely accused of indecent exposure. DPP Law are a team of highly experienced sexual offence solicitors who will work tirelessly on your defence from day one. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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