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It is absolutely possible to hold the police to account if any of their police officers have behaved in a way that is unprofessional, unethical or illegal.

In fact, it’s highly recommended that anyone who has experienced discrimination, human rights breaches, excessive force, false imprisonment, illegal searches or any other transgression of this kind should make an official complaint and take actions against the police.   

Every case serves as a push for the force to crack down on any negative behaviour and helps to keep your community safer. 

DPP law are specialist police complaints solicitors with more than three decade’s worth of experience in suing the police and standing up for individuals who have been in some way mistreated by law enforcement officials.

We have an excellent track record of achieving compensation for our clients even after an initial claim has been rejected. 

Never think that you won’t be listened to if you wish to take action.

If you are looking for a solicitor to sue the police, DPP Law have extensive experience in this field and have helped individuals to take legal action over the following incidents and more:

In 2009, we represented a client from Bradford in a case of assault and false imprisonment, despite an earlier claim being denied, allowing him to be granted a £15,000 settlement and a formal apology.

Can I Make A Complaint Against the Police To The IOPC (Formerly Known as the IPPC)?


How much does it cost to claim compensation against the police?

This heavily depends on the case in question and the approach of your own legal representatives.

You may qualify your legal aid. Otherwise, we can act by no win no fee agreement. 

Are there time limits for taking action against the police?

Yes. Personal injury claims including assault claims must be made within 3 years from the date of the injury.

Unlawful action claims, including wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, can be made within 6 years from the date of detention.

Can I sue the police if they use false evidence to justify an arrest?

Yes – if you are able to prove that the evidence in question is false and that the police had sufficient motive to fabricate it and commit police misconduct.

How much will my civil claim be worth?

Depending on the nature of the claim in question, the compensation you receive upon successfully making a claim against the police forces could amount to anything from a few hundred pounds to £500,000 – or even more.

As your legal representatives and advisors, DPP Law can offer you:

  • Trustworthy 24-hour expert legal advice, counsel and support
  • More than 30 years’ of experience
  • Clarity and transparency throughout

How can DPP Law police complaints solicitors help you?

DPP are a law firm of solicitors specialising in actions against the police. If you have been treated unfairly or unlawfully by a police officer, or your human rights have been breached, get in touch with us today.

We will do everything we can to assist you in putting your case together. Civil action against the police is your right if you have experienced misconduct.

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