Corporate & Financial Crime

If you have been accused of any form of white-collar offence, you’ll need experts guiding you through the process if you’re to get the best defence and outcome. DPP Law’s corporate crime solicitors will help, simply contact us today for expert criminal litigation assistance.

DPP Law has over three decades of experience in corporate crime

Our legal specialists can help you to ensure you are operating precisely as required by HMRC and other relevant legal bodies including the Competition and Markets Authority, the Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Should you become aware of any criminal investigation into your activities – particularly if it is related to bribery and corruption accusations or suggestions of other fraud or financial crime – it is vital that you seek legal advice immediately.

Expertise is key to understanding the legal proceedings of corporate crime

The term “corporate crime” may refer to any illegal activity undertaken by a business – or by an individual acting on behalf of that business.

“Financial crime” may refer to fraud, complex fraud, money laundering or any other offence intended to deprive another of their rightful property or convert it to the offender’s personal use.

Offences that fall under the umbrella of corporate and financial crime include:

  • Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Money laundering
  • Price fixing
  • Cartel and organised-crime related offences
  • Receipt or handling of the proceeds of crime
  • Insider dealing

The potential impact of corporate law

Legal matters of this kind are taken very seriously, and the investigation and prosecution process is thorough.

The offences detailed above may lead to up to ten years’ imprisonment and an unlimited fine, though in extreme cases, defendants may face 14 years in prison if found guilty.

Crimes related to cheating the public revenue are potentially punishable by life in prison, though sentences of more than 10 years are extremely rare.

UK companies are now under increasing pressure to put in place practices and procedures to prevent white-collar crime. Failing to do so may result in serious penalties and your business may suffer significantly as a result.

How DPP Law’s expert team can help and support you

The expert solicitors at DPP Law have lengthy experience in dealing with criminal investigations conducted by the fraud office and other authorities specialising in the prevention of white-collar crime.

As part of our legal services, our corporate and financial crime solicitors can offer assistance:

  • At the police station following an arrest
  • Regarding cash or asset seizure or forfeiture
  • If you have been accused of fraud, corruption or bribery
  • If you are being investigated for cartel activity or price fixing
  • Regarding anti money laundering inquiries
  • Regarding insider dealing or market abuse investigations
  • If you are being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • During internal investigations at your place of work

If you have concerns relating to any of these matters, you should make contact with legal specialists as soon as possible to avoid serious penalties.

As well as the points listed above, our financial and corporate crime solicitors can offer you expert advice regarding:

  • Serious fraud
  • HMRC investigations
  • Insolvency claims
  • Regulatory disputes
  • Tax evasion cases
  • Code of Practice 9 investigations (procedures where HMRC inspects your company to ensure it is conducting business legally)

Trust the DPP Law experts to handle your case with care and consideration

Our law firm sits comfortably within the “Legal 500”, and can look back over more than 30 years of success in providing defence services and legal advice within fraud cases.

Past clients have included high profile businesses and individuals, and our solicitors have negotiated complex processes on their behalf, including deferred prosecution agreements and responses to unexplained wealth orders.

We know that accusations of financial or corporate crime can be distressing and the legal proceedings involved are often time consuming and stressful. For this reason, we always attend to our clients in a highly sensitive manner, offering support and advice at all stages.

Contact DPP Law to speak to an expert today

Whether you have been directly accused of corporate or financial crime or you simply wish to ensure that your company is observing proper legal practices, we strongly advise that you get in touch with DPP Law today.

We will discuss all of your requirements and concerns with you and work closely with your business – or directly with you – to ensure that you have followed all regulations correctly and that your practices are watertight.

We can also help you to collect information to present as evidence throughout investigations and any court proceedings, and build a strong defence so that we can properly represent you in court.

During an investigation, you may have certain assets or financial amounts confiscated or frozen by the authorities. We can help you to challenge these decisions.

If you are required to respond to an unexplained wealth order or any other demand from an investigative body, we will help you to do so in a way that is as effective and comprehensive as possible.

Our expert solicitors will ensure that all evidence is thoroughly considered and that the correct outcome is reached – either in an investigation or by the courts.

For further details of our services, contact DPP Law today to discuss your case in detail and find out what we can do to help you.

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