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If you feel you’ve been wronged by the police, or they’ve failed to live up to their duty to protect you or someone close to you, it’s time to speak up. Complaints against the police is a serious business, and victims don’t have to suffer in silence.

Our team of police complaints solicitors are dedicated to getting our clients the justice they deserve. We’re experts in the police complaints procedure, and strive to get the best possible outcome for each and every one of our clients.

We understand that making a complaint against the police can be a stressful experience. That’s why we’re on hand 24 hours a day to provide legal advice and counsel, as well as expert guidance through the entire police complaints process.

How can DPP Law help?

We are here to support you throughout taking legal action against the police and want you to be completely comfortable in pursuing such a claim, as it can often be a stressful experience. It is recommended that you act upon any incident as soon as possible, noting any injuries you have sustained with photographs and recalling events while they are fresh in your mind.

Circumstances where you may want to take action against the police include:

Free Consultation and Advice

There is no charge for having an initial consultation with our solicitors, as we look to understand the fundamentals of your case. This meeting will allow us to assess the ways in which we can assist you with a case against the police, especially given the serious nature of allegations that are directed at officers of the law.

What can you expect when you make a complaint against the police?

The best thing for you to do in the first instance is talk over the incident with our expert colleagues, since any and all information will be helpful in building your case, and will also help you deal with what may have been a stressful ordeal. Once we have all of the relevant information that will help with pursuing a claim, we will outline exactly how the process will unfold if you are happy to proceed and if you are entitled to compensation.

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If you need assistance with taking action against the police after suffering from any of the above incidents, then DPP Law are here to help.

Speak to the expert team of solicitors at DPP Law today and we can arrange a free consultation and start giving you advice on how to proceed with your claim.

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