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  • Totting Up Offences

    If you have accumulated 12 or more penalty points on your driving licence over a three year period, you will automatically receive a driving ban of six months. What many people don’t know is that the driving ban is actually at the discretion of the Courts. If it is proved that having a driving disqualification would amount to exceptional hardship, you may avoid the ban.

    What is exceptional hardship?

    There is no legal definition of exceptional hardship, but mere inconvenience is not enough. The loss of employment alone is not enough to convince the Courts of exceptional hardship, as this is seen as a reasonable outcome. However, if there’s proof that the loss of your job may be the cause of other problems, defaulting on your mortgage for example, you may be able to claim the defence of exceptional hardship.

    How do I claim exceptional hardship?

    Any exceptional hardship claims have to go through court, with the evidence being cross-examined by the Prosecutor, Judge or Magistrates. The standard for what is considered to be exceptional hardship is set very high, so we strongly advise seeking the help of a legal professional, for the best chance of getting this result.

    How DPP Law can help

    Our experienced team of motoring offence solicitors have been helping people claim exceptional hardship for years. If you’re facing a totting up ban and would like to explore your options, please contact us today for a confidential discussion to discuss your case.

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