• Dog Attack Claim

    Dog bite compensation claims continue to rise as nearly 210,000 people are attacked each year in the UK, though this is most probably a conservative figure as a lot of people still do not report dog bite incidents to the police.

    Children and babies are particularly vulnerable to dog attacks, which inherently means the injury caused may be more severe, particularly if the dog has attacked for instance, the facial area.

    How to claim for a dog attack

    To make a successful claim against a dog bite, then you should try and record as many details of the event as possible. At DPP our personal injury solicitors recommend the following information:

    • Identification of the dog and its owner
    • Make sure you have details from eyewitnesses and can contact them
    • Document any injuries sustained with photographs and medical treatments

    However it is still possible to make a claim without this information and our solicitors will be able to make a claim on your behalf.

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