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  • Slips Trips and Falls Compensation

    People who slip, trip or fall can make compensation claims when they are injured through no fault of their own. Accidents in public places such as construction sites, offices & shops, on the pavement or in the street may entitle the innocent victim to make a slip, trip or fall compensation claim.

    The most common causes of slips trips and falls compensation occur when spillages are not cleaned properly, or paths are poorly maintained creating potholes and uneven surfaces.

    In these cases the law puts responsibility for public safety on the landowner, for example a shop or office owner. They are responsible for ensuring your safety through regular repairs and maintenance. If this hasn’t been carried out, however, and you slip, trip or fall as a result, then they could be liable.

    Slips Trips and Falls Solicitors

    With our help you could make a slips trips and falls claim for your injuries and other losses. When you contact DPP Solicitors one of our expert legal team will assess your case and discuss with you whether you have grounds to make a claim. If you do, they will prepare your case by obtaining necessary evidence, such as photographs, medical reports and witness statements as well as any other evidence to support your claim.

    We will guarantee:

    • Best possible chance of a successful claim
    • No win, no fee approach
    • No obligation legal advice

    We have an excellent success rate at winning slips, trips and falls compensation claims for our clients. We are happy to talk to potential claimants about their cases for free and without obligation.

    Slips Trips and Falls Claims Entitlement

    If you have been injured as a result of your slip, trip or fall accident, as well as the pain and suffering you experience, it is likely your normal daily routines will have been disrupted. Our trained slip, trip or fall lawyers will help you claim compensation for all of your losses including, where appropriate:

    • Personal injury compensation
    • Loss of earnings - care and assistance from family, friends and trained medical professionals
    • Costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation
    • Damage to personal property - clothing etc.
    • Out of pocket and travel expenses
    • Medically required adaptations to your home and/ or car
    • Disadvantage in the labour market as a result of severe injury
    • And any other losses you suffer in your particular case.

    Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors

    We have a history of successfully winning slips, trips and falls claims for many clients over the course of our 30 year history as a law firm.

    We have expert solicitors who are members of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel and are Senior Litigators with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Our firm is a corporate accredited practice, meaning that we are experts in making personal injury claims for accident victims.

    We are committed to getting the most compensation, in the shortest time, with the least stress caused to our clients. That way they can concentrate on their recovery.

    Contact our specialist personal injury solicitors and ensure your case is dealt with professionally.

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