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  • Factory Accident Claims

    As with any other hazardous place of work, employers have a legal duty to protect staff from the risks of working in a dangerous environment. The nature of a factory often gives rise to specific kinds of injuries where particular machinery or chemical substances are in use.

    It is on the onus of the employer to ensure that floors are clear so slips, trips and falls don’t happen, signage and guidance is provided where heavy machinery and vehicles are in use, as well as providing personal protective equipment [PPE] when there is exposure to dangerous substances. Regular safety and risk assessments should be held within the factory, alongside adequate training, to prevent any workplace injuries.

    Despite precautions, accidents at work can still happen due to the negligence of the employer who falls short of fulfilling their duty. Unfortunately many factory workers suffer an unforeseen personal injury due the failure of others to comply with workplace health and safety regulations.

    Factory Accident Injury

    The scope of injury in a factory can be huge. With a multitude of hazards be it equipment or in fact the surrounding environment, injuries can vary from broken bones, concussion, crushing injuries and trauma. In some cases your injury at work may be serious. Accidents in the workplace can lead to a spinal injury if you’ve fallen from a height, a head or brain injury if something has hit or permeated the skull or even an amputation if you’ve suffered a severe personal injury from heavy machinery.

    Factory accidents can be minor or severe but either way, you should not have to suffer for the mishap of your employer. You should be compensated for:

    • Medical expenses
    • Wages lost from work
    • Short-term or permanent disability
    • Retraining for another job
    • Factory Accident Solicitors

    An expert personal injury solicitor with the in-depth knowledge of factory accidents can make a claim for maximum compensation in the shortest possible time. Our personal injury litigation team deal with insurance companies on a daily basis and are accustomed to handling both small and large accident compensation claims in this field. We know exactly what compensation offers are reasonable and those, which are not. Don’t let insurance companies pull the wool over your eyes – speak to a factory accident lawyer today.

    If you have suffered a factory accident, do not hesitate to claim online with DPP Solicitors, or call our free phone number to get a free consultation by an experienced Accident at work solicitor on 0800 027 7870.

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