Being arrested can be very upsetting for you and those close to you. However, you do not have to face the experience alone and our team of expert criminal defence solicitors are ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regardless of the alleged offence, whether you have been falsely accused, committed an alleged driving offence or an alleged assault, we can offer advice, assistance and support to help you while you are in the police station. Please check out our jargon free guides below to help you understand the rights you have on arrest and the procedures that the police should follow.

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Our dedicated team of solicitors have decades of experience in handling a wide range of cases. Find out how we can help you today. FIND OUT MORE


DPP Law are specialists in defending those who have been accused of the crime of murder and will strive to help you through the ordeal. FIND OUT MORE


Manslaughter is a form of homicide which was first set out in the Homicide Act of 1957 and more recently in the Coroners and Justice Act of 2009. FIND OUT MORE

Burglary, Robbery and Theft

We’ve been defending people convicted of burglary, robbery and theft since 1982, and we’re able to defend you at every stage of your case. FIND OUT MORE

Criminal Damages Charges

If you’ve been accused of a criminal damage charge, we advise to obtain legal advice and counsel as soon as possible. Find out how we can help here. FIND OUT MORE

Public Order Offences

Public Order offences cover a range of crimes, some of which can carry long prison sentences. If you’ve been accused of a public order offence, talk to one of our expert solicitors today. FIND OUT MORE

Drug Offences

Drug offences are a serious charge, and we advise anyone who has been accused of a drug related crime to seek legal advice and counsel from one of our experienced solicitors. FIND OUT MORE

Assault Charges

If you’ve been accused of assault, our team of expert solicitors can help. The Courts take assault charges very seriously, so we advise you to obtain legal advice right away. FIND OUT MORE

Firearm Offences

Firearm offences cover both the possession and use of illegal firearms. Our dedicated team of solicitors are on hand to assist with anyone accused of a firearm offence. FIND OUT MORE

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

Anti-social behaviour orders cover a range of crimes, including terrorism, perverting the court of justice and ASBO breaches. Accused of any of these crimes? Contact us. FIND OUT MORE

Offences Against Public Justice

Our dedicated team of solicitors have decades of experience in handling cases of offences against public justice, including perjury, resisting arrest and wasting police time. FIND OUT MORE

Conspiracy to Supply Drugs

If you’ve been accused of conspiring to supply drugs, you could be facing a long jail sentence. We can assist you with your case and help get the best possible outcome. FIND OUT MORE

Blackmail and Extortion

If you’ve been accused of blackmail, extortion or kidnap, we strongly advise you to speak with one of our solicitors as soon as possible, so we can guide you on your next steps. FIND OUT MORE

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are often made in domestic violence cases, but are not restricted to these. If you want to vary your restraining order, we can help. FIND OUT MORE
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