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Drugs are grouped together into different classes. The classes are made up of groups of drugs, which the Government deem to be more or less serious. Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine form the most serious group, Class B drugs such as cannabis and amphetamines form the middle group and Class C drugs such as steroids and ketamine are deemed to be the least serious.

How can DPP Law help?

There are a small number of drugs offences with many different outcomes depending on the classification of drug, the amount that you have been found with and whether you have previous criminal convictions. They include:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug dealing or supplying
  • Drug production
  • Drug smuggling
  • Drug importation

If you have been accused or charged with serious drugs offences it normally depends on whether the substance is Class A, Class B, Class C or otherwise.

What can you expect when you are arrested for drugs offences?

A police officer will often perform a stop and search to ascertain whether you have drugs in your possession. If you have been found with a small amount of a psychoactive substance you may not face any penalty at all, but if you are found with a larger quantity of a Class A, B or C drug then you will be arrested and charged.

For smaller amounts you might be issued with a warning or Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), but for larger amounts or if you have been charged with a more serious crime such as dealing, supplying or producing, you can face a heavy fine and prison time.

If you are facing a drugs offence and require legal advice from a specialist team of defence solicitors, speak to DPP Law today.

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