Student falsely accused of rape fury at police

Back in December last year, 22 year old student Liam Allan was acquitted of false rape charges, after being on bail for two years.

He was accused of six rapes and six sexual assaults, but the trial proceedings were halted after it came to light that crucial information had not been provided to the defence team.

The information in question was a plethora of text messages, some of which showed the alleged victim detailing that she fantasises about being raped and strangled during sex. She also reportedly sent a text to a friend saying, about the encounter between her and Mr Allan, that it “wasn’t against my will or anything”.

“Mr Allan should not be charged as the case against him is so weak”

Months prior to the trial, the detective in charge of the case recommended that Mr Allan should not be charged as the case against him was too weak. However, the CPS went against this recommendation and charged Mr Allan in January 2016.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Allan said:

“My life was completely upended. There were points where I felt completely alone because of what I was going through, but you have to act strong for your family”.

“You could be the strongest person in the world and it’ll bring you to your knees.”

Mr Allan was arrested as he returned home from playing football, weeks after ending his relationship with the victim. Of the victim herself, it said he knew she was “troubled”, and that she had some issues that he did not know how to deal with. He chose to end the relationship after starting a criminology course at university, but weeks later he was taken into police custody for alleged rape and sexual assault allegations.

Despite the detective recommendation, Mr Allan was charged and remanded on bail for two years.

More people could come forward

Scotland Yard has announced that it will be urgently be reviewing the police process, and looking into why it took such a long time for such important evidence to be presented to the defence team.

However, legal experts say that this case could just be the first of many and that many more people could come forward and claim that their case was not investigated properly by the police force or the CPS.

Mr Allan plans to sue the police and the CPS.

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Featured Image Credit: The Independent