Shahid is Volunteering in Bangladesh

If you’ve watched the news recently, you’ll have noticed that the headlines are often dominated by the suffering of men women and children refugees in developing countries, as they flee from their war-torn homes.

SKT Welfare is a UK-registered charity, which delivers humanitarian aid to help those struggling to survive to due poverty and the loss of their homes. Founded in 2008, the charity has assisted poor communities in the UK, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Somalia, Palestine and Syria.

The charity is now assisting refugees who have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh in the recent humanitarian crisis, which has targeted people from the Islamic community.  

These refugees are hungry, sick and in desperate need of shelter where they can rest, recuperate and drink clean water. Some of these poor people have children, and have seen brutality that many people here in the UK couldn’t imagine. As a muslim minority group in Myanmar, they have been subject to discrimination and violence for decades, and many have endured extreme poverty in their home country for decades before they fled.

One of our most successful solicitors, Shahid, will be volunteering his time to provide assistance and support to these communities. He’ll be helping to raise the funds so badly needed to help people in turmoil, and has a minimum target of £3000.

SKT Welfare Donations

If you would to donate to the cause, please visit our JustGiving donation page.

Shahid will be in Bangladesh from 29th October to 4th November.

Featured Image Credit: BBC News