What are the effects, and the psychological effects of police brutality?

Long after the verdict has been reached, and the news crews have lost interest, the victims of police brutality still suffer on a daily basis. This could be due to the abuse they themselves have suffered, or, in extreme cases, the loss of a loved one through police brutality or abuse.

All too often we hear tragic stories of police brutality, and how the victims have struggled to get on with their lives after the incident. Many victims of police brutality suffer from psychological disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can cause people to develop depression, panic attacks, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies. PTSD can last for months or even years after the incident, and some victims need to undergo specialist psychological treatment before they can go on to lead somewhat ‘normal’ lives again.

In some extreme cases of police brutality, the victim has died as a result of their injuries. This means that the victim’s family has to deal with the stress of not only mourning for their loved one, but also dealing with traumatic repercussions like court cases and being hounded by the media.

How can we help?

We understand that being, or knowing, a victim of police brutality can cause a large amount of distress. That’s why we always handle these types of cases with sensitivity, whilst also providing expert advice to get you the justice you deserve.

If you’re considering reporting a police brutality crime and you’re unsure, ask yourself this: should the police be held accountable for their actions? If the answer is yes then we advise that you contact a member of our knowledgeable actions against the police solicitors right away, and we can discuss with you the next steps.