Prison Law

Prison Law

David Phillips & Partners Solicitors provide expert representation and assistance with Prison Law matters.

We can help with:

  • Categorisation reviews – because of our experience & contacts in prison law, we can always try to negotiate downgrading. It’s our job to make sure you’re graded fairly.
  • Independent adjudications – we can defend you if you have been unfairly accused of committing an offence on the inside.
  • IPP and extended sentences – if you are unjustly serving an IPP or extended stretch in jail, we can help fight the ruling to make sure you get the right sentence.
  • Life hearings and paper Reviews – if you’re serving a life sentence, our prison law solicitors can fight for a hearing on your behalf and represent you during that hearing.
  • Parole reviews – we can represent you at parole review, giving you the best possible chance of being released back into the community.
  • Recall reviews – if you’re recalled to prison for newly alleged crimes, we can help defend you.
  • Tariff/minimum term reviews – our prison lawyers will support you in challenging minimum term sentences.

Please complete the online form on the right of this page or call 0151 236 3331 (ask for Rachel Barrow) with as much information as possible, including date of hearing if applicable.

Prison Law Solicitors

We have a dedicated team of prison lawyers on standby to help people like you today. Rachel Barrow runs our prison law department and is one of the most experienced in this legal field. Rachel specialises in categorisation and parole reviews.

Rachel is based in Liverpool but operates all over the country. She and her team of prison law experts can help your case today, wherever you are in England or Wales.

How our Prison Lawyers Work

Call 0151 236 3331 today to tell us about your case and set our prison solicitors to work. You also have the option to submit your case details using the form on this page.

It is strongly advised you seek advice from a prison lawyer immediately. With DPP Law, you will receive full legal representation, support and advice as soon as we take on your case.