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  • Road Accident Offences

    There are a number of road accident offences that can result in fines, points, disqualification and possibly imprisonment.

    Some of these include:

    • Speeding – there are a few levels of speeding, and exceeding the speed limit will usually result in either taking a speed awareness course or a fine and three points on your license. However, if it results in an accident, the penalties are a lot more severe.
    • Drink and/or Drug Driving – If it is proven that you are over the limit through drink or are under the influence of drugs or medication that is affecting your driving, you could face a minimum of one year’s imprisonment.
    • Dangerous / Careless Driving – Driving without due care or attention or without reasonable consideration to others that resulted in an accident is referred to as "careless".
    • Using a Mobile Phone while Driving – driving whilst using a mobile phone is a relatively new offence, but extremely common.

    Some of the many offences that can result from an accident taking place can include:

    • Failing to stop after an accident – this could result in an unlimited fine and a maximum of six months’ imprisonment
    • Failing to name a driver – not passing on relevant information, such as the name of the driver, to the police could land up to ten points on your license or disqualification
    • Failure to conform to traffic sign – a fine of up to £3,000, three penalty points and a discretionary disqualification could all result from this.
    • Causing danger to other road users – there are a large number of examples of this offence, but they all result in inhibiting the safety of fellow motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
    • Driving without insurance – driving uninsured without third party cover as a minimum can result in fines, points and a ban

    While the above can cover many different scenarios, the result is the same. They all represent driving without care for others.

    However, there may be many other situations that aren’t clearly black and white. Whatever type of road traffic accident has occurred, you are at risk if you do not equip yourself with strong legal counsel.

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