Is Cannabis a Class A Drug?

Cannabis is classified as a Class B drug, meaning that, whilst it is a harmful substance, it is not quite as harmful as drugs with a Class A classification. Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK, and although the numbers of people using cannabis has decreased over the last few years, it still remains a common issue across the globe.

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Posted on: Wed, 15 November 2017

Law Gazette – Interview with Dale Beeson

Dale Beeson, one of our solicitor-advocates here at DPP Law, has been featured in the Law Gazette regarding a high profile case he worked on – representing 18 year old cyclist Charlie Alliston who knocked over and killed a woman in London last year.

Here he tells us his thoughts on the case, as well as some advice for dealing with the media in high profile cases like this one. We also learn about why he became a lawyer, plus career highs and lows.

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Posted on: Wed, 27 September 2017