Tips for if you’ve been accused of benefit fraud

If you’ve been accused of benefit fraud, it’s vital that you seek legal advice right away. However, it’s also important that you have a good amount of knowledge about the sort of things you can expect.

We’ve put together some tips for if you’ve been accused of benefit fraud, so that you have the best chance of making a good impression to the investigators.

Stay calm

One of the most important things to remember if you’ve been accused of benefit fraud is to remain calm. Emotions often run high in these types of cases, but losing your temper or resorting to verbal abuse, or worse, will only serve to make the situation worse.

Remember: losing your temper and becoming violent towards another person is assault and can carry a prison sentence. If you cause a serious injury to the person you could be looking at years behind bars.

Co-operate with the police and investigators

It’s human nature to dig your heels in when you feel as though you’re being wronged, but if you’ve been accused of benefit fraud the best thing you can do is co-operate with the police and investigators.

Co-operating means that you have a better chance of making a good impression, and that counts for a lot in these types of cases.

Show up to your interview on time and dress smartly

You will be invited to either an informal interview or an interview under caution if you’re suspected of committing benefit fraud. Either way, it’s important that you show up to your interview on time and dressed smartly.

Like we previously mentioned, good impressions really do count in these types of cases, and if you can’t even be bothered to show up to your interview, there’s a good chance the investigators might form an opinion that you’re guilty before they even meet you.

Take it seriously

Benefit fraud is classed as a serious crime, so you should take any allegations seriously, even if you are innocent.

Respond promptly to any correspondence you get from the Department of Work and Pensions and don’t be tempted to just bury your head in the sand.

Gather any evidence

Any evidence, no matter how seemingly small, that could go in your favour should be gathered and declared to the investigators. For example, this could be a document that proves that your partner does not live with you, or a letter from your landlord that discusses the amount of rent you pay each month.

Don’t seek revenge

Sometimes, people who are accused of  benefit fraud believe that they know who reported them. Even if you have a good idea of who it was, it’s important that you don’t seek revenge, his will only serve to make you look worse in the eyes of the law. Seek advice from professionals and with help, you can begin to put together a decent case for clearing your name.