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Whiplash Claims

Whiplash – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Aim of the New Rules?

To reduce compensation payments to accident victims. The insurance companies have promised to ‘slash’ motorists premiums by ‘up to’ £35 per year (according to the government website).

Can I Still Claim for Whiplash?


Can I Still Use DPP Law?


What Is Defined As Whiplash?

Any whiplash injury (or injuries) of the neck, back or shoulder which recover fully within 2 years.

What Does the Government Consider to Be a Small Claim Which I Should Be Able to Manage Myself?

Whiplash claims for no more than £5,000.00

How Can a Claim Be Made?

By using a new portal Official Injury Claim (OIC).

Is it Easy?

No. It’s supposed to be simple but it is anything but simple for non-lawyers.

What Does it Cover?

RTAs in England and Wales. Anyone over 18 years old in a vehicle.

Are There Any Exceptions?


Cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, e-scooters etc. are excluded.

How Much Could I Get?

The injuries are now calculated on a fixed tariff basis according to your recovery.

The tariffs run from injuries that recover in up to 3 months at £240 rising up to £4,215 for injuries that take 18-24 months to recover.

Can I Seek Advice Before I Make a Claim?

Yes, that would be wise.

What Can DPP Law Do for Me?

We can tell you what you need to do to navigate your way through it.

On considering the facts of your case, we can tell you if we are still able and willing to act for you.

Many lawyers are opting out of these types of claims. DPP Law is still here to help you.

We can make the process easy for you at minimal cost which you will only pay if you win.

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