Wills and Probate

The solicitors at DPP Law are highly experienced in the writing of military wills and managing matters of probate. We will handle your affairs sensitively and with understanding. Contact us today for information about our services.

Those undertaking military service should seek out specialist probate services to assist in the handling of these issues and relieve any stress and concern that may come with financial planning for the future.

Legal services of this kind may be used to ensure that your money is taken care of in all eventualities. They include the creation of a will that will determine the division of your assets should you pass away.

We appreciate that it is unpleasant to think about matters of this kind when looking to the future, but ensuring that your family will be properly supported and provided for – just in case – will afford you considerable peace of mind.

Legal experts can also help you to ensure that everything can be easily managed should an injury prevent you from handling your own affairs for any length of time.

Of course, the majority of service members return safely from their time in the military. However, it is best to ensure that your family will receive the support they require and that your estate will be properly managed under all circumstances.

How our military probate solicitors can help you

DPP Law’s military lawyers will assist you and your family in planning all legal matters relating to your finances and estate.

Whatever your fiscal arrangements are – and whoever the beneficiaries may be – we’ll ensure your will suits your requirements. With our help, you can make the best possible arrangements to provide for your family whatever the future brings.

We can help you to arrange power of attorney too. This means that a designated person – usually a family member – will take charge of your finances if you are unable to manage them yourself. This ensures your assets will be well managed throughout your time in active service.

It also provides help if an injury renders you unable to make decisions about your money for any length of time.

Power of attorney can also cover matters such as your health and welfare. This means that you can assign someone to ensure you are properly taken care of should you be seriously injured.

If you are to be granted power of attorney for a loved one in military service, we can assist you in understanding all requirements related to this position.

As well as these services, the military lawyers at DPP Law can assist you with:

  • Changing a will
  • Disputing a will
  • Appointing legal guardians for your children
  • Estate administration
  • Inheritance tax planning

We also provide probate support for civilian employees of the UK military who may not face as high a level of risk.

If you are not sure of the services that will help you to manage your finances most successfully or will help you to handle the estate of a loved one, we can provide you with expert guidance.

As well as the services mentioned above, our military solicitors can advise you on:

We can also assist you in the setting up or management of trusts and the payment of your taxes.

Our specialists will keep all communication clear and transparent throughout our work with you. All information you provide will be confidential.

We understand that planning for your death or disability – or handling matters of estate for a loved one after their passing – can be emotionally difficult. We will work with you in a sensitive and pressure-free manner and treat all of your affairs with great care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a will be contested?

It is possible for a will to be contested even after it has been through probate. However, to contest a will, an individual must be:

  • A member of the deceased’s family (including spouses)
  • A cohabiting partner
  • Someone mentioned in the will itself
  • Someone mentioned in a previous will made by the deceased

They must also have “grounds for appeal”. This means that the person must be able to prove that:

  • The will was made when the deceased was not “of sound mind”
  • The deceased was coerced or forced into making the will or naming a particular beneficiary
  • The will was not drawn up legally – for example, if two witnesses were not present at the time
  • The will or any of the signatures it contains were forged or fraudulently obtained

To ensure that your will is not contested, we highly recommend that you enlist specialist solicitors with experience in military probate. They will provide a watertight service that ensures that your estate is divided exactly as you wish it to be.

If you have questions about the will of a loved one who has passed away, we will help you to look into these matters and ensure that everything is as it should be.

What is a lasting power of attorney?

This describes a type of legal document allowing another individual to take over management of your “health and welfare” or “property and financial affairs”.

You can arrange for one or both of these areas to be covered. As the loved one of an individual serving in the military, you may be granted power of attorney regarding either or both of these matters.

You may wish for both to be covered for ease and peace of mind should you be unable to make your own decisions following a brain injury or during time spent unconscious in recovery.

You may only wish for your property and financial affairs to be subject to power of attorney during your time on active duty when it will be more difficult for you to manage this yourself. This means you won’t have to worry about your money or assets until you return.

Whether you wish to make a will, arrange power of attorney or undertake any other form of probate, get in touch with our experts today. We will handle all matters with great care and understanding.

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