What is Benefit Fraud?

If you’ve been accused of benefit fraud, it’s important to consider your next steps carefully. A benefit fraud accusation can cause a lot of emotional and financial distress for the accused and their family.

Our dedicated team of benefit fraud solicitors are experts in these types of cases, with years of experience assisting clients who have been accused of benefit fraud.

What is Benefit Fraud?

The UK has one of the best and most generous benefit systems in the world. However some people take advantage of this system and give false information to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) or their local council in order to claim more benefits than they are entitled to. This is what we mean by benefit fraud. Some points to remember about benefit fraud:

  • Fraud must be intentional for the case to be valid.
  • However, some councils treat every case as fraudulent until the defendant can prove that they made a genuine mistake.
  • Anyone found to be assisting in the act of benefit fraud could also be accused. For example, if a landlord claims a tenant is paying a higher amount of rent so the tenant can claim more benefits, the landlord would also be found guilty.

If you have been accused of benefit fraud, it is important to seek legal advice immediately.

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