• Grooming

    What is grooming?

    The Sexual Offences Act 2003 states that, to be convicted of grooming, there must have been meetings or communication between the defendant and a child on at least two occasions. Grooming occurs when on or offline communication takes place, with the intention of enticing a child to engage in sexual intercourse, or another offence.

    However, to be convicted of grooming the offence does not actually have to take place. Many people who have been added to the Sex Offender Register have been convicted of grooming with intention to commit a more serious offence had they not have been caught.

    How can DPP Law help?

    The Courts take this offence very seriously, so if you’ve been accused of offline or online grooming, even if you feel wrongfully accused, it’s vital that you seek professional legal advice and representation.

    Here at DPP Law, our expert team of solicitors are experienced in handling child grooming cases, and will fight your corner throughout the legal process. Contact a member of our friendly team today for a free, confidential discussion about your case and how we can help.

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