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  • Procurement and Outsourcing Fraud

    What is Procurement Fraud?

    Procurement fraud occurs when a company purchases goods and services, or commissions construction projects from a third party business. To do this, a tender process is followed, which ensures that everything is ‘above board’. If this process isn’t followed correctly it allows for discrepancies. Examples of procurement fraud include, but are not limited to:
    • A company uses the tender process to claim payment for goods or services that have not been delivered
    • A company uses the tender process to claim payment for goods or services that were of an inferior quality to what had been agreed.

    What is Outsourcing Fraud?

    Outsourcing fraud can cover a wide range of activities. The most common type of outsourcing fraud is where an employee uses the company money to pay for an outsourcer, when they in fact do the work themselves, thus pocketing the extra money. However, outsourcing fraud occurs in every level of organisations, and ranges from simple, one-off actions to complicated fraudulent operations.

    What to do if you’ve been accused of these crimes

    If you’ve been accused of procurement or outsourcing fraud, even if you’ve not done anything wrong, it’s essential that you seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. Our team of dedicated solicitors are experts in dealing with serious fraud cases, and are on hand to speak with you about your next steps. Complete our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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