• Pension Fraud

    What is pension fraud?

    Pension fraud occurs when a pensioner dies and their spouse or family members fail to inform the pension provider of their death, thus enabling them to continue to claim the deceased’s pension. If you’ve been accused of pension fraud, chances are you have recently lost someone close to you, so you’re already going through an emotional time as it is. You may feeling distressed, angry even, but it’s essential that you keep a level head and seek legal advice as soon as possible. However, this isn’t the only type of pension fraud. Pension fraud takes place in any instance where a pension is claimed fraudulently, so if a false claim is made to a private pension fraud that belongs to a pensioner. This could be from a family member, or even the pensioner themselves. Pension fraud is classed as a serious crime and can carry up to ten years imprisonment.

    What to do if you’ve been accused of pension fraud

    If you’ve been accused of pension fraud, it’s important to seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. Here at DPP Law, we have years of experience in handling pension fraud cases, and our knowledgeable team are dedicated to help our clients get the justice they deserve.
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