• Spinal Injury Claim

    Bringing a claim for spinal injuries requires in-depth knowledge and a wealth of expertise. DPP Law spinal injury solicitors offer both.

    Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors don’t just focus on obtaining large sums of compensation for your spinal cord injury but are also dedicated in providing a full quality service, that helps you become rehabilitated and aid with any ongoing medical treatment.

    Spine Injury Compensation

    If you have suffered a spinal injury that wasn’t your fault, you may wish to seek compensation. This money won’t be able to ease the pain but it will ease the financial burdens and requirements of adapting to like after a spinal injury. It can help to:

    • Make Payments for home adaptations such as ramps, lifts, baths and so on
    • Pay for a car that is easily accessible and easy to drive with your disability
    • Compensate any loss of earnings or future earnings
    • Make payments for private health care to ensure you receive the best treatment without delay
    • Of course, it will help compensate for the overall pain and suffering endured by the spinal injury
    • Cover all costs of expenses such as travel to and from hospital
    • Pay for rehabilitation, if required, to adapt to independent living

    DPP Law ensure that your spinal injury claims are dealt with professionally with a personal touch to provide excellent service to our clients. Contact our spinal injury solicitors today.

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