• Serious Injuries

    Any injury that has greatly affected your quality of life, caused a substantial risk of death or resulted in a permanent disfigurement or disability is known as a serious injury. DPP Law have many of years experience when it comes to obtaining compensation for serious injuries. We know the damage these injuries can cause to you and your family, and the huge effect they can have on your life and financial stability. We fight tirelessly to ensure those injured get the compensation they desperately need. Our specialist serious injury solicitors work with a number of medical professionals, ensuring you receive the care you need whilst your claim is going through the legal system. We also make sure you receive adequate financial support needed during this time. In the event of fatal injuries, our experienced solicitors can recover damages including loss of dependency on behalf of the bereaved family members. We recently helped a young boy who suffered catastrophic injuries in a road accident. The claimant was awarded in excess of five million pounds. His quality of life has been greatly affected but its hoped the award will ensure he receives the care he needs.
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