• Uninsured Drivers

    If you are unfortunate enough to be hit by an uninsured motorist then you must seek advice from an expert personal injury solicitor immediately. It is a common misconception that nothing can be done but, at DPP Law we are determined to provide victims of uninsured drivers the compensation they deserve.

    With the introduction of the Motor Insurer’s Bureau scheme called the Uninsured Drivers Agreement it is possible for compensation to be awarded to victims of uninsured motorists.

    However cases heard through the MIB are very complicated as they have their own rules and costings. It is therefore extremely important that you contact DPP Law regarding your uninsured driver claim.

    We are experts in these types of cases and can ensure that your case will be dealt with professionally and with your interests put first.

    The chances of being hit by uninsured drivers is unfortunately increasing within the UK. Despite the increasingly harsh driving penalties and fines handed out, people are still choosing to drive without insurance. It is estimated that 1 in 7 cars are being driven by an uninsured driver on Britain’s roads, a staggering number when the number of cars being driven is actually increasing.

    There are measures in place to ensure that those injured in accident involving an uninsured driver do get the compensation they deserve. However they involve compensation companies, the police and hospitals cooperation to gather all of the facts.

    Only with professional advice and representation can all of these factors be accurately presented to the MIB. Here at DPP our personal injury solicitors will be able to all this for you and ensure that you receive the best possible result.

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