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  • Hit and Run Accident Compensation Claim

    The experience of any accident is extremely traumatic, however this is made even worse if the driver at fault leaves the scene in a hit and run. This means that the person injured in a hit and run accident is left without contact details and a way of settling the matter.

    For advice and reassurance about how a perpetrator of a hit and run can be traced then please contact DPP personal injury solicitors. Whether you were a passenger, driver, cyclist or pedestrian at the time of the accident we will be able to advise you if you can claim compensation.

    Who would be liable to pay hit and run compensation?

    If the Police manage to trace the driver of the vehicle and they have valid insurance then their insurance company would be liable to pay. Our solicitors will be able to make a normal personal injury compensation claim on your behalf.

    If the driver is found but they do not have valid insurance, then your claim will have to go through the Motor Insurers Bureau. This is a complicated process that will need an expert solicitor to represent you.

    If however the police fail to trace the driver at fault, then again you will have to go through the MIB. It is at the discretion of the MIB if they consider your claim valid as their is so little information. By contacting DPP we can advise you of your best option when faced with this situation.

    If you would like any advice following a hit and run accident then contact us today. We understand how frustrating the situation is and will use our knowledge and experience to make the very claim for you.

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