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  • Holiday Accident Claims

    Holiday Accident Claims can vary in degrees of complexity, depending on the type of injury that has been incurred. With a wealth of nationwide personal injury lawyers on hand to tackle any case, wherever you are in the country, DPP Law can guide you through the pitfalls of making a personal injury claim that seeks successful holiday compensation for you or your family.

    Unfortunately, third party negligence can not only spoil your holiday whether it’s in the UK or abroad but can in some cases be quite distressing if the accident has caused physical personal injury.Types of Personal Injury Claims

    No two claims are ever the same; there are often many different contributing factors where a holiday accident is concerned but our specialist team of accident claims solicitors are accustomed to applying their skills and in-depth knowledge in this area of law to secure the greatest amount of compensation in the shortest possible time. The most frequent holiday claims include:

    • Road Traffic Accidents [RTA Claims]
    • Aviation Accidents
    • Slips, Trips and Falls on Holiday
    • Skiing and Sporting Accidents
    • Holiday Accident Compensation – Can I Claim?
    • Year on year, more people are booking holidays, entrusting that their travel, accommodation and activities will be 100% safe. It is only right and proper that you should expect a high standard of health and safety when purchasing holidays and if for some reason this is not the case and you have in fact sustained a personal injury due to neglect, then it’s more than likely you will have a case that we can pursue.

    It has become much easier for holidaymakers to claim compensation on their return to the UK following the enactment of The Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour Regulations 1992. It was put in place to improve the claims handling process meaning our personal injury specialists can now act quicker in recovering holiday compensation on your behalf.

    What are the requirements for the Package Travel Regulations 1992?

    • The holiday package was sold or offered for sale in the UK
    • The holiday package was sold at an ‘inclusive price’ [one price for everything]
    • The holiday package must comprise of two of the following:
      • Transport [airplane, ship, train, coach]
 Accommodation [hotel, villa, apartment]
    • Other tourist services [tours or excursions included in the overall holiday package]

    The holiday package must cover a period of at least 24 hours or include overnight accommodation

    Even if you haven’t booked a package holiday, we may still be able to help you pursue a holiday accident claim against a person or organisation that caused your injury so it’s important that you make use of our free legal advice and speak to an expert holiday claims solicitor at DPP today.

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