Animal Attack Claims

Being attacked or injured by an animal can be an extremely traumatic and terrifying experience, often leaving victims traumatised for years following the event itself. Not only do they leave physical scars but mental ones also, sometimes victims who have suffered a dog bite are afraid to leave the house or even walk down the road.

The most common types of animal attacks or fatal animal attacks are caused by domestic animals such as dogs but our personal injury solicitors have experience of dealing with other animal attacks that include horses, cattle and zoo animals.

How to make animal injury claims?

  • Report attack to police and take note of the crime or accident reference number
  • Record the name and address of the animal owner
  • Make sure to collect details of any witnesses
  • Take a photograph of your injury and any scars that may be left
  • If you were at work when you were injured report immediately to your employer

If you’ve suffered an injury caused by an animal and someone else is to blame contact our specialist personal injury team and they’ll assist you in discussing how best we can help with your animal attack claim.

Dog Attack Claim

If you’ve been a victim of a dog attack, you need to seek specialist help in the form of DPP Law. We’re experts in handling compensation claims for dog attacks. FIND OUT MORE
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