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  • Supermarket Accident Claims

    Compensation for Supermarket Accidents

    An accident in a supermarket is not only embarrassing but is also traumatic if a personal injury has incurred. Just like any other business, supermarkets have a duty of care to prevent accidents on their premise, whether this is in store or even in their car park.

    Many people who do have an accident in a supermarket tend not to claim for compensation because either they feel they may not win a case against a large supermarket chain for they do not know the right procedures.

    But that’s where DPP Law can help. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing claims against supermarkets, which means we are more likely to secure maximum compensation for your supermarket injury.

    If you slip on a wet floor or fall over an obstacle in the aisle, whether it’s at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s or even a small local supermarket then you may be eligible to make a supermarket accident compensation claim.

    Supermarket Accidents include:

    • Slip accidents due to spillages, waste or wet floors
    • Trip accidents when hazardous obstacles are left unattended
    • Fall accidents where there are steps or stairs to navigate
    • Falling goods accidents in the supermarket due to incorrectly stacked shelves
    • Accidents caused by unsafe trolleys

    What should I do if I’m involved in a supermarket accident?

    To help aid your potential supermarket accident compensation claim, it is important to complete the following steps:

    • Report the supermarket accident to a store manager
    • Ensure you complete an accident report form or make sure the accident is recorded in the accident book
    • Obtain any witness contact details
    • If possible you should try to take photographs of what has caused your accident in the supermarket

    In the event that you sustain an injury in a supermarket, speak to a member of our personal injury solicitors team who will tell you whether or not you have a good case to claim for compensation and we will guide you through making a successful claim, no matter if it’s a minor injury or severe.

    Our years of experience in dealing with slips, trips and falls as well as a multitude of other supermarket accidents, will ensure you aren’t cheated out of the compensation you deserve.

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